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Want to be featured? 

Here's what to submit.

1) your Full Name as you'd like to see it published

2) your IG @handle/s and Linkedin link

3) your title or affiliation

4) your answer to one or more of these 2022 main questions:

  • a) What can Food Design do?

  • b)  What makes a food designer?

  • c)  What is Food Design today?

5) your answer to at least one of these additional 2022 questions:

  • d) What do you bring to the Food Design discipline that nobody else does?

  • e) Who or what inspires your work?

  • f) What would you like to be remembered for?

6) the IG @handle of someone you nominate to be featured in this project

7) one high definition profile photo

8) 3 to 5 high-definition photos of your work. Photos should be clearly named from 1 to 5. (see point 9 below)


Since this project aims at featuring people, rather than brands, answers to questions a), b) and c) should not be self-promotional (about your work or brand), but they should explain your personal perspective and point of view.


Important: please check that text for these points (including your name, affiliation, and answers) is within 2000 characters.


In addition, to enter the selection for next the book Food Design Voices 2023, please send:

9) a caption that describes each photo. This can be one or two sentences and can include date and location where appropriate. Where necessary please include the Photo Credits at the end of the caption. Please clearly indicate to which photo each caption relates.

10) a short Biography, not longer than 300 words. Your biography should be written in the third person.


Please know that we’ll consider for the book only people who have answered at least four questions. You will be informed when the selection will happen.


Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


francesca :)